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Author Topic: COPYRIGHT INFORMATION  (Read 447 times)

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« on: August 12, 2010, 07:13:56 PM »
PFD Lives actively supports the copyright safe policy relating to images that are posted on this forum. Please read and be fully aware of the content policy of this forum which is available in the thread relating to image content. There can be no nude, scantily clad or sexually provacative poses in any image, avatar or sig tag displayed in the public area since this content will be reserved for the adults only section. There will be no exceptions to this.

We will not, at present, be providing lists of YES artists, lists of NO artists or lists of artists who have decided to withdraw permissions. It will remain your sole responsibility to ensure that any image you use in your work is either your own copyright or else is used with the permission of the artist - be that a Poser artist or an artist who hand-draws or otherwise creates work that you use.

There are many sites which actively police every image to ensure the correct artist permissions are used and which display lists of YES and NO artists. If you are not a member of such a group, please contact the admin of PFD Lives by personal message or email and you will be pointed in the right direction should you need such information to check on your own tags. It is not our intention to police every single image that is posted but we do reserve the right to withdraw any image that is known to contravene an artist's copyright and we will advise you of this decision.

If you have purchased a licence to use the work of certain artists, from CILM or GILD or any other pay site, it is essential that you display your licence number clearly on your work, together with any required copyright information. Please remember that licence numbers can and will be checked for integrity. Therefore, if you have not purchased a licence for your own use, please do not try to use that artist's work otherwise we will have to remove your image.

For sig tags, ensure that you show clearly the copyright of the artist for the tube/png you have used, and also show the website for that artist if it is available. Do not forget to add your own name or tag'd by. If you are prepared to offer the tag, please add this to your post and it would be helpful if you could put in how long the offer is open for and what information you would like from the member requesting it.

If you post a Poser/Daz|Studio or other art image that you have created personally, please ensure that you have placed your own copyright on the image. Should you have a website that members can visit, please add this to your profile so that a link appears with your posts.

If an image appears without any copyright information and you cannot be contacted immediately by one of the admin or mods of PFD Lives, then we will withdraw your image but request that you repost it with the necessary copyrights showing. This is equally important for Poser/Daz|Studio images because there have been instances of artistic theft whereby someone will take another artist's work and post it as their own. Having your copyright showing clearly will help to prevent this.